Putting it Simply

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ch-ch-ch-Check it out

Ok, I don't actually REALLY like that song, but it's go a catchy name.

Anyways, just need to post a few things so I can see how my blog will look once i fix it up. I also need to post more so I can fix things, and set my template up, and fix the number of posts I want to show. I also wanna see how the pictures, and advertisements are going to look. I might even change my whole template. Did I add links on here yet? I have ter check it out. Ok, anyways, I'm going to help my friend Yeh get set up on this Whyville site, that I've been playing on.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

What's up!!

Hi site-surfers!! Welcome to my ultra cool site. I'm just getting settled here, in cyber space. I can't wait to start personalizing the site!! I'm gonna put lots of cool stuff on here. I can't wait to get a new template as well, not just one of these default ones. I love making web pages, so I wanna do something really cool, with games and journal entries, photo's and other stuff. I have a number of sites and I hope you can visit them all. Me and my mom were the first ones from our family to start blogging(I luv that word), it's real cool. So enjoy, I shall return! Bye!