Putting it Simply

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Today's mood is: Gassy

"Hmmmm... maybe I ate to many flies...."
I don't know why my stomach(and other parts) feel so gassy like this. Any how, better go!!

Road Trip

We're off to the beach, we decided that we'd go for a ride to the coast. So we're late as usual, so maybe we'll spend the night in the car. That would be cool, but I don't think mom and dad would be up to it. I wish we could just go and park in the parking lot by the beach and wake up there, thing is that they don't allow it (I think) and mom and dad wouldn't think it's a good idea-- to dangerous and all. But I wouldn't mind it coz' we have the new van that's got all that cool stuff in it, but we don't have enough money and stuff, it's too complicated. But I guess I'm sorta excited, I don't know what we're gonna do though, but last time we went it was fun-- staying in the hotel, going to the beach everyday, going swimming, riding the ferry, going to the mueseum/aquarium and all that. So maybe it'll be cool.... I wish we had a ball so we could play and I could work on my serving(I want to try out for the volleyball team next year). But I'll let you know how it went when we get there. So ttyl!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Today's mood is "Agitated"

Today my teacher(Mrs. H) was the cause for my anger and agitation. She has never been my favorite teacher, and that's because she always seems to not like me very much. She gives me bad comments on things that things that I did pretty well on. Today she gave me my first C this year. And it was for one of my best subjects: Reading! I am awesome at that subject, especially when I do projects. Mostly because I enjoy doing it all and get really involved in it. I couldn't believe it. I gave my best effort and did great. My pictures were awesome.

I had to do an "ABC book" for my book: Surviving the Applewhites. I did it and even drew some pictures to go along with it. She didn't even tell us to but Alphabet books have pictures right? 'Cause they're made for little kids right? Right. So I did pictures for some. I didn't do all because most were pretty self-explanitory, they didn't or couldn't have pictures for it, and most of all because she didn't specify that she wanted it AT ALL. Anyways, I did pictures for some(most of them, there were only like 5 or 7 that weren't done) and did great paragraph form text. And most of the kids in my class didn't even do pictures at all! She didn't even lecture them. But just because I didn't do it she gave me a C+. I barely passed. I did those pictures for choice. She actually should've given me extra credit. If you had been there you would've seen how unfair she was and has been. I did great jobs on the pictures and stuff too. I put the author, illustrator, I filled out my book form PERFECTLY and everything. I can't stand her!!! She is so unfair. And then, she gave me my project back, she didn't even hang it up like everyone else. It was prettier than everyone elses! And it wasn't because it was in a plastic bendable professional cover , because some people did theirs in binders and she told them to take it out and put string through the holes, that they had punched so she could hang them-- and these people didn't even have pictures. I wish she would read this, have a heart attack or something. Because she's been like this all year. When I raise my hand to answer a question she ignores me like I'm not even there. When I don't she picks me so she can make a fool of myself. She is such a jerk. I don't even care, you know, because I don't like her either. I just won't put an effort into it, I'll just get it done and turn it in. Because I'm not gonna waste my time with her. She's a jerk.

Friday, September 17, 2004


TGIF would be my mood but for some reason my unkymoods aren't showing up, AND their website won't pull up, so I guess the site's down, it wasn't working yesterday either. Oh well, in addition to that my other mood would be: SWEATY or WARM.

Speaking of yesterday, did you get to see survivor? Me and my family watched it last night, pretty cool, they split the teams up into Men vs. Women again, I guess they saw how good people reacted to them doing it in the past.

Well, back to today:
Today was pretty boring, same ole same ole. Well actually, it wasn't that boring. But here's how it went: 1st period= AR Literacy which is always the same. We read, did our metacognitive logs, reading review, etc. not much there.
3rd period= When I got to 2nd period it was a little different, same old review on rocks, but then we did this song that was supposed to help us with remembering facts. All it did for me was get that "la-la la la-la-ladada" stuck in my head. It was a song that my teacher composed using the melody of Jessica Simpson's song: With You. It was pretty annoying but I couldn't help but laugh.
4th period/Lunch= This was fine, we were first in line today so it was our turn to sit outside on the park benches. I talked to Taylor, Vianney and Brenda. They(and Latesha-who talks to EVERYONE) are the only ones that I mainly talk to and hang around with, I just met them this year. I brought my lunch as usual, with some rice and chicken from last night- plus an apple.
5th period= 5th period is Social Studies with Ms. F. she's my favorite class. We didn't do much work but the stuff we did do, is just journal and stuff out of our red workbooks. She had the answers to the workbook questions on the overboard. All that only about took half-an-hour, and the whole class is about 1 hour 45 minutes. The rest of the time she lectured us or answered our questions and informed us about the hurricane and other weather news.
7th period= Band with Mrs. Purcell, usual, she passed out the green uniform shirts that we wear to concerts. She couldn't find mine at the time, so she said to see her at the end of class- and I forgot.
8th period=That's Health/PE. These few weeks we had P.E. and we were working on Volleyball, but starting next week we'll have Health. Today we had Free Choice day and I played hockey (with no skates of course). I played goalie until the very end of the game for about 10 minutes. In that time as a goalie I blocked all the shots except for one, and another that was made while I was behind the goal and a girl that was on our team made the goal. While I was out of the goal I made one goal 1 minute before we had to pack up. Which was a big thing for me, since I never seem to get anything right in sports (but I'm working on it).
End of the day= At the end of the day I went to home room all sweaty-and late, but it doesn't really matter. I got my stuff and got my backpack out of my locker. It was already packed since they let us out five minutes early to beat the wizard/knight traffic and I just packed it up. While I was there I saw the girl who I thought was my best friend from kindergarten but had moved away to Texas , I asked her if she was who I thought it was, and she recognized me! I was so happy. She said, "Omigosh! Emeraldjade(not my real name though remember)! My mom is going to freak!" That's all I really remember her saying really, she is in band too so we walked down together, just talking, and catching up. I couldn't believe how tall she'd gotten, she's so skinny and tall it made me feel like she was hovering over me, but she's only about 1-2 inches taller. After that we got outside and she and I walked in separate directions. I went and talked with my friend E.A.A. I told her about it and told her about my suspicions about the lice, she agreed. It was already drizzling but it was picking up. All of a sudden the eighth and seventh graders started running and screaming down the hill towards the covered courtyard. We instinctively shook our heads and followed. Mr. Hoover directed us and screamed at the kids that wouldn't quit talking. I saw dad as soon as I got down there, so I had to haul my backpack all the way up the hill again. Of course these winds and rain were from Ivan (they are still going too) he's just on the border of western N.C. so it's not as bad as everyone else is getting. It's only a tropical storm now though. There's another hurricane and a tropical deppression coming up too. But my teacher said that since there's a front a little bit above us they are predicting that it will bounce us and come strait through N.C.!!! And of course that's about where we are. Oh well, it is Hurricane season.

Well that was it, my mom got home a few minutes ago (she took the day off early) with my little sister. I'll talk to ya later, maybe the unkymood thing will fix it self soon. Bye!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

"Grubbin'" continued

Here's photo's of the chicken I made:



Hehe. I guess they liked it.


Today's mood is: Grubbin'
Today all I did is cook(and do homework-*blah). And I did it on my own, so now I get to make my sister do the salad. Muahahahaha. But I made breakfast for Clone(my little sister) and me:

It consists of: Johnsons Original Breakfast sausages, Scrambled eggs, Rice and Sliced Gala Apples. (*it's a good thing we only have these breakfasts once and a while)

After that I got started on the chicken, so that mom wouldn't have to. It's a whole chicken, rubbed with, salt and pepper, minced garlic(2cloves), roughly chopped onions, celery and carrots, and a little bit of sprinkled herbs. Then I just popped it in the oven on 350 for a while until it turned golden brown all over. So we're gonna have it with rice and a salad with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. TTYL!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lice & other school issues

In school, they sent out a notice about lice. Someone was found with head lice and is being treated. Lice is common in our school, and there is at least one incident found in a school year. Just yesterday, the notice was sent home, and they did not specify the holders name, for obvious reasons. But I have reasons to believe that a girl in many of my classes named: Amethyst M. is the person that has the problem, these are the reasons why: 1. When she was sitting in front of me in a gym assembly I saw a suspicious specimin crawling through her hair. 2. Amethyst M. has been absent from school ALL WEEK. 3. I don't know, but maybe she has been scratching insanely!(*Just kidding about that last one.)

Now, the next issue: Boys are annoying. Main suspects: Brandon, Jairme, Dominic, and Angel M.
Reasons why: 1.Annoying laughter, 2. Laughing for no reason, even if they don't know someone. 3.Stupid questions, either in an attempt to look intelligent, or they really are that dumb. 4. Strange singing 5. Using to much "Germ-X", 6. Fighting like little sissys. 7. Thinking that any girl likes him(or boy). 8.They are at my school, instead of a boot camp or asylum. 9.Naturally insane, and attempt to look smart or play an instrument, when they are absolutely tone deaf and unable to follow easy directions to play it. And Finally... #10. Boys are uncapable of speaking intelligently to the opposite sex or any one else for that matter. The only one that can ACTUALLY analyze and understand them is other boys or pig head girls. The End.

Next issue: Idiots are taking over our planet they are a serious threat to our environment.
That's pretty self explainitory. And if it's not, maybe you should stop reading my blog and go talk to some strange boys or pigheaded girls.

Rock the vote.

Just a pic.

This is just a pic that I thought I might post since it's the only one I have. I'm gonna post my drawings and stuff, that I do.

I drew this last year, my sister wanted a picture of a "Kau" (from Neopets) they have drawing instructions, and I based it on that.

Another day...

Another day gone by. My favorite parts of my days are after school. Even though I have to pick up my little sister and stuff it's still my favorite part because it's the longest amount of time that's available for free leisure time. I want to do an after school sport or something, but I like my evenings. I guess if I'm not so sleepy all the time, it would be okay. But I like being busy sometimes, that feeling of getting stuff done.

Today was just like any other. I went to my 2nd, 3rd and 6th period classes. I got there early today so I could get to the library and do some quick studying. Today was a "B" day(2,3 &6 pds). I like "A" days better, because I have Social Studies. That seems to be a favorite for everyone at school (BTW did I tell ya that I'm in Jr. High?), Ms. F is really funny. Even though I don't like AR Literacy (accelerated reading) Mr. H doesn't give much homework, just to read our SSR (self-selective reading) books. Ms. F doesn't really assign homework either, only like short 1-2 paragraph essays. I'm usually used to doing more, but she gives us a lot of them so it's pretty much the same I guess. I'm supposed to be doing one for Friday on Judah Ben Hur, for our study on the Roman Empire. We watched excerpts from the movie Ben Hur. It was pretty bloody, but I enjoyed watching it. Ms. F said that it was a famous movie in the 50's because it was one of the first color movies. It's like 3 hours long if you watch the whole thing.
The only class that gives alot of homework is math, then science, then social studies, then language arts, then AR literacy.

But Middle school isn't so bad. It's really busy when you get down to it, but my teachers are nice. It's just different because you have to move around so much. But our school is real organized and easy to get around. My classes are all on one end of the side of the hallway. Anyways, I better go before this thing gets to long. I don't want to scare anyone away.


Todays mood is Procrastinate.

Yup, that's about it. I'd put constipated or crampy, but that was only earlier (I've been doing that alot lately). Anyways, I'm procrastinating, like I said yesterday, I'm busy, but since I have the day off of school tomorrow I can put it off for a while. I think I want to sleep.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Unfortunately today my mood is: Busy
Yup, I have too much work, that I just don't want to do.

Quick post

Ok this is just a quick post that I'm going to do before I go to see about my homework and all that.

Today was pretty boring and ordinary. But there was a nice shower when I was leaving my afterschool project. Lucky for me it's no longer the hot and humid rain, now it feels cool. I like it. This hot weather is starting to get on my last nerves. Owww! I have a pain in my finger joint from all this typing and prior writing. (*hmm, I have to change my unkymood) Oh yeah, my afterschool project is for a cookbook/fundraising project my grade is working on. It's just a few select people(which I like).

Anywho... I am waiting for a reply from Manilena concerning some templates. I want to get a new one (*has to be green, I love green, except for sometimes when it's really ugly looking, then I refer back to my other favorite which is blue). I saw one that especially caught my eye. It's a green one that has a pair of jeans and a cool-ultra funky blue writing for your title. Hopefully I'll be able to use that one and change the title (which is kikay) to Putting it Simply. I got my title from that same site. If I get her template I'll have to give full credit to her for my template and name. Although I've been thinking about changing the name. To something like: Buhay ko, My life, Lily pads, Froggies or something sorta short and cute. I like kikay but I'm not really that flirty. Although maybe someday. Who knows, I have no plans to be but I hope to be more outgoing in the future (not flirty just outgoing). Anyways I love jeans though and green,(and funky blue writing) so I liked it. Whatever.

So, did you guys post on the tag-board yet. Only me and my mom have, I hope someone else does. You just have to fill in the stuff, you aren't even required to leave a URL or email, it's just a cool message board. I LUV the little froggy and yin-yang symbol I couldn't believe the coincidence when I saw the froggy. Incase you haven't noticed yet, I really like frogs (cartoon ones mind you-although real ones are okay too, I like observing the metamorphosis process, me and my sisters caught some tagpole eggs once and were fortunate enough to get one on land until it got eaten by the big one).

Anyways, before this gets to long I'd better go pack up my stuff. TTYL.

P.S. hopefully I can get on later to chat. but i share this computer with my 4 other family members so cross your fingers.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Ok, today was pretty good, but school really hasn't been that marvelous. Really embarrasing actually, not because I don't know anybody, but because I always seem to trip, not speak loud enough(which never used to be a problem), or something else.

Today, some stupid kid in my class(boy obviously) stapled himself! And I'm talking about through his skin! He put four staples in his hand, one on each joint(on his knuckles) connecting his finger with his palm. I don't know how he got them out, but he did, somehow. You could see the marks where it went through. I don't know WHY he did it. It's really stupid. I don't get a lot of the people at my school. They are very strange and annoying. That's why I don't talk much with anyone. I MISS MY REAL FRIENDS!!!! Anyways, I'd better go through and check to see if my homework's in order, gotta keep those grades up! If ya know what I mean. TTYL!

Hi Viewers!

Ok, why isn't my link bar showing up on my post thingy? There is supposed to be TWO type places= one for the title and one for the Links. Where the is my link thing? Grrr.


I have just been looking at different blogs today. I might have come across yours, I know I commented on 2 or 3 of 'em. And as you can see, I added a "Unkymood" to my blog. I've been searching for new stuff to put on here. I wanna get one of those cool thangys that follow your mouse around. I spent like 15 minutes playing with one that said: That's Life. I think. I can't remember. Hmmm. WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER!!! Ok forget it. I'm just working on fixing up the site.

Ok, I think I'm gonna go do something else real quick. BRB!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Taking a break...

It's Sunday, the one day that I usually reserve for just sleeping. Unfortunately this weekend I had a rather large number of things I had to do for school. I didn't do much yesterday so I have a lot to do today. At least I got started early though. I have to get re-organized and finish my book report project. My little sister is getting really annoying, and I am going nuts. I really need my own room. My sisters are way to messy for my liking. Oh well. Maybe someday.

I've been saving up money for a digital camera that I've been wanting, and I'm coming really close. I want to get one that takes still shots and videos. I was thinking about getting that sony-handycam too. It's the one that takes videos and puts 'em on DVDs. Me and my mom have been looking around for some and they seem to have pretty good one's at Wal-Mart. But I've been looking online, they are still pretty expensive once you add shipping and handling and all that. Except for the used ones. Now those are cool. The only thing is, is that they don't come with a garantee so you never know what might be wrong with it. But I'll definitely get to get one soon. I'll be able to do stuff with it on my computer too. I can't wait.
(Don't know why I decided to post about my camera all of a sudden, it makes a good space filler though, don'tcha' think?)

Me and my mom have also been working on designing a new template too. I'm thinking about adding some of my artwork into the mix. Well, actually it's not really artwork, just doodling and sight-drawing that I do. I have been really into anime so I have been sketching some stuff I saw out of some Manga books and stuff. I think I'll post some anime pictures as well(since mine aren't that great). I have been trying to find some cool stuff to use on blogger so I won't look like such an internet newbie. My mom fixed up my little sisters site, and it's cute. She has more advanced stuff that me. It's called the "Clone Chronicles". There's alot of pink everywhere. But if you're interested you can visit it at: http://www.clonechronicles.blogspot.com/
Mom just scans some of clonies artwork there and stuff like that. I wanna do a banner like the one she has over hers. It's cool. We have a lot of blogs on here. This is just one of my private ones that isn't linked to our big #1 blog.

Anyways, better go and finish homework or something, so I'll see ya later! Bye.