Putting it Simply

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Just another ordinary day....

Nothing exciting is happenin' here. It's clone's Birthday tomorrow, she's turning 7. I believe we are going to "Toys 'R' Us" today, so she can buy something. At first she decided on going to Chuckie Cheese's for her big day but now she says she wants to go see a movie at the mall and go get a toy. So that's what we'll do, we're having turkey tonight and I think I'm cooking her b-day dinner, tomorrow, but we'll just have to see.

This week was pretty ordinary, same routine. I played tennis all week in P.E. Unfortunately, I get to add that to my list of sports I suck at. I really wish I could play it. For a while I did ok, but when I got to serving on Thursday, I made my team members hate me. Fortunately, my real friends were sorta awful too, and we stuck in there together, and at the end we all acted like it was no big deal and moved on. But yesterday, we had choice day and we could play any sport we wanted with anyone we wanted. So first I kicked the ball around with some friends and then played basketball the rest of the time. Well, actually we just shot into a basket. It was a nice feeling playing with the girls I did, because it wasn't really competitive, and I was better than them. I think soccer and basketball are definitely my stronger areas. All year I've been wishing that my parents had introduced me to sports. Even if just a little bit, or just one sport even. I just wish I wasn't so clueless and handicapped, when it comes to sports. I hate that I wasn't. I never thought it would affect me this much. But I definitely enjoyed going to Phys-Ed. It was really beneficial to me. I'm in much better shape, since Mr. Marshall started making us run 2 or 3 laps around the gym. But for some reason my heels are hurting again. They haven't for a while, and I've been very active and staying shapely for a while. At least it isn't as unbearable like last year or the year before that. But I like doing sports, even though I stink.

Anyways, I'm glad I'm alot better when it comes to academics than sports(I can't wait to start swimming again though). I'm getting strait A's when it comes to regular school work. Luckily I'm not a nerd. At least that's how it used to be. Even though none of the smart kids are nerds(except for a few who no one wants to be around- just coz' they're jerks) I feel like such a dork because I don't know anyone at school, since all my friends were spread out. It's not as easy to make friends here as it was when I moved to my last elementary school. Pretty much because, they keep us all split up and everyone here has all of their friends from kindergarten still with them, and they really don't need anymore. But my friend Airie is making friends quick, same with my friend MG. It's easier for MG because she's like all the other white kids at our school, a white soccer freak. Same goes for Eire but she can make friends with all the crowds coz' she's MG and black mixed together. I could make friends with the black kids it's just that I don't really want to get mixed up with them again, I'd rather stay with people that are smarter that just street gangs. But it's hard. At least I found people in the middle, like me. Such as, my new friend 'Zuri. Then there are people that aren't as in-between, but are cool enough to deal, and be my friend too: Taylor, Colleen, Charlie, people like that. And of course there are those white soccer freaks that are still cool and willing to make friends, sorta like, Courtney, Bennett, Rachel, Matt, and Maura. Luckily though, Eire and Mary Grace remain my friends and help me out by making it known that I knew them first. But what I wouldn't do to have people like 'Eemah, or YehYeh, or "MamaMia" or Asia, my old friends, that hang in with me for ever, and don't let me down or leave me alone. I wish I could have just kept on going to school with them or the other people, even the kids in the other grades. Back then everyone knew me, and it was easier. But of course I know that that isn't possible and it's better to move on. So I just hope I'll make friends eventually like I did before. BUT! there's good news with this, because my BEST FRIEND from Kindergarten, that moved away to Texas came back! and although she's on the other team, and we don't get to see eachother THAT much, we still get talk to eachother, and I even got to see her mom again, who's really nice and used to come to our class alot. It's nice that we both remembered eachother too. So maybe this won't be so bad. Anyways talk to you later!!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Chillin, etc....

Todays mood is "Chillin'." Coz' dis weekend is 3 day and I am able to relax, and sleep in. It's chilly outside and although I would like to go and do something, my sisters insisted on spending $51 on books and mostly a scoop of ice cream and some nasty smoothies. I'm all for the books but we could have gone to Rockfish or the grocery store to get dinner or a whole gallon of ice cream. Which would have been better since we are a family of 5. But it's okay to be staying home, and I'm cool and calm with it. It's just I cringe whenever money is carelessly wasted. But at least my mom and I didn't pay for it. Amara did. And at least she enjoyed herself. But I still really wish we had gone to the mall instead, for dinner and stuff.

But, that's done and over with, and maybe we can go sometime.

Hey, does my picture show up on my profile? It's not showing up on my computer. It came from my Whyville account. Some how I saved it to my computer and was able to use it. Hehehe. It's too bad that I haven't been posting lately. I've had lots of stuff to think about and post. But as much time as I've had on the computer, I still just haven't had the urge to post. I haven't changed my moods, I haven't posted pictures, nothin'. I guess since I've had so much time on the computer I've had time to actually think about what to post, and instead of just getting on and letting the words flow I've allowed my self to think and there for think of nothing! But, Mom's been keeping up lately though. I guess I've just been sleepy lately and to lazy. I've just wanted to rest my head on the keyboard and look at music videos. Yup, that's me, just really lazy. It's been nice though. I'm passing with flying colors in school so I'm just enjoying it. I've also been emailing and stuff like crazy. Speaking of which, I'd better go check my email now, so I'll see ya later.