Putting it Simply

Friday, November 26, 2004


Hey guys. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. We had a relaxing Thanksgiving last night. Ma, Amara and I cooked dinner and set the table. We had a fancy dinner by candle light. You can see a picture and a menu in Our Kitchen. We had wine glasses, napkins(cloth) the whole fixin. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of the candles and stuff. But it still looks cool though. Today I think we're making bread and a chocolate cake with can also be seen in the kitchen. Too bad I feel awful though. My head is seriously throbbing, and my mouth was dry and numb this mornin'. I'm almost done with my new book, but I gotsta update my sidebar, coz as you can see the book that's on there is way behind. I finished it like a week after the date that's entered in there. Right now I'm reading "Sister Spider Knows All" by Adrian Fogelin. The book says that she also wrote "Crossing Jordan." I'm thinkin they're talkin about the show on TV with the whole CSI type thing. But it could be this other book. Anyhoo, Auntie Sisjo sent us a cool package and money as our early Christmas present. I'm about to call her to thank her. She sent us some cool stuff too. On this note, I present to you, my Thanksgiving Thanks.

1.) I am thankful for my family and our small but thoroughly enjoyable thanksgiving with just us for once! It was peaceful and YUMMAY.

2.) I am thankful that my mom is an awesome cook and decided to make the turkey differently this year, resulting in the best Turkey I have EVER HAD. My life is complete! LOL.

3.) I am thankful that we made it through another year.

4.) I am thankful that my sisters and I are blessed with such spoiled lives, but our family keeps us grounded.

5.) I am thankful for school and my good grades that will get me far. And I am thankful for my honor roll acheivements that has made my dad happy with a cool bumpersticker.

6.) I am thankful for all of the things that we can enjoy.

7.) I am thankful for pie.

8.) I am thankful for my aunts and all of my family in California who I could not be with to celebrate my thanks with.

9.) I am thankful for my family's health. Including my aunt because of her near surgery and my Lola who is still kickin'. And I hope I will see her healthy again in the upcoming summer.

10.) I am thankful for the holidays and good food! Not to mention a new year!

And I am thankful for much more. Happy holidays fwends!


Todays mood is sick:

Bleh.------->-------> HaChooo! Ger, that one hurt.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


My mood is: overwhelmed!

Why: Stupid school work. Falling Behind. Weekends luckily are for catch - up.

Friday, November 05, 2004


Sorry for not posting in a while.
Todays mood is Content.
Content: I'm happy and calm. Just chillin' it's been a pretty good week. I'm exhausted though and can't wait until I can just watch Complete Savages and Third Watch, maybe read a little, and sleep! We might go see my friend NK at a art showing tomorrow. And my other friend DH invited me to the movies this weekend too so I have to ask my parents. But I gotsta go blog on my other site now so I'll talk to ya later!