Putting it Simply

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas ya'll. Don't have much to say, but I'll talk to ya later!

Friday, December 24, 2004

The last two days

As much as I don't want to move my beautiful picture down, I noticed I never made a post about the last two days we spent on our Gingerbread competition at school. So here goes:

On monday we didn't even have to bring anything but a pencil, so I headed strait to my homeroom after a trip to my locker. After the morning brodcast and announcements we all made the switch to our assigned class. Mine was Mrs. R. I was lucky because a lot of my friends were in there with me. Unfortunately our gingerbread house was so bad we didn't even get one vote-- WE DIDN'T EVEN VOTE FOR IT!! I thought it was pretty good though, we were the only ones with a real roof. But my group was real messy and we had icing everywhere! Finally the one chosen was a gingerbread farm. It looked like a whole lotta "poop" as many put it because theirs was made out of a whole bunch of choclate ingredients. I was angry (so was everyone else) because they didn't even bring the needed supplies so they took everyone elses and it was required that we bring our own. It's a pretty long story anyhoo. We lost anyways, and it turns out the class that one had a house that looked sorta like ours but it was covered in a green icing. HAH that oughta teach em. Oh well, we probably wouldn't-a made it anyways, it would've been better to go with another groups house and we would've had a chance at it. Oh well. But it was fun and tasty although I don't really like sweet things like that. So it was really just good to get out of class, at least it was only two days. Well that's ma story, I'll see ya tomorrow probably for my first CHRISTMAS post. So see yah!

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Oh yeah, I know what I'm saving up for instead of a digital camera, well actually I still am but add this baby to it!

It's only $89 too! I'm looking forward to finally purchasing one. And I've got $300 in the bank so it's not that big of a deal either. But I'm gonna have to look more closely now and see if there is some kind of catch. Coz I found some good-- legal places where I can download the music. All I need is Microsoft 2000 and I have that on my laptop so I may be able to use it if I can hook it up to the internet. We've been moving it a lot lately anyways. But I've still gotta see and all so I'll talk to ya later!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I am soooo excited it's almost Christmas, even if there's not gonna be a lotta presents this year.... At least we have a break. I hope it snows. Nothing seems much different now. I hope I can get some cool stuff on Sunday when we go shopping. I think we're gonna go see a movie too. I can't wait. I wonder what we're gonna cook? I wish we could go to Hong Kong for Dim-Sum sometime. But I need ta keep on working on the blog. I wanna get some music players. So I gotta go ask someone. Check out the new guestbook too! They're pretty cool you can get one too. Remember to sign it. Just clik on the mailbox in the sidebar. See ya!

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Hey guys, you can pretty much just ignore this, I'm testing to see if my new commenting from Haloscan will work.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Hey guys, today's mood is "EXCITED!!" Only 7 more school days!! Really there's only 5 real ones, because the last two will be spent on a gingerbread house competition and a 6th grade breakfast. It's gonna be pretty cool. But I can't wait until it's all over!! Early this morning I was soooo tired but I almost got up to make my lunch, not because I forgot it was Sunday but because of habit. I wasn't even awake yet, my body was just sort of sleep walking. But it felt so goood to finally sleep!! Anyways, didja notice the festive decorations I've added? Pretty cool huh? Mom did some stuff to the other sites too. On Jade-n-Mom we put up a christmas tree and a new background.Also, in Our Kitchen we changed stuff around as well. It's all pretty cool. After Christmas I'm gonna put up New Year stuff. But I have to put up some Kwanzaa and Chanukka decorations too. Not to mention some wintery stuff. I wanna get some trailers for the cursor and hopefully some stuff to crawl across the screen too. It should be cool.

So I'm gonna keep on searching and I'll talk to ya later!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Oh well, the cold is dissapearing, but I'm still a little congested. Ma's soup helped alot. But today's mood is dissapointed, because tomorrow's Monday-- as if you didn't know :P. But gotta deal, I'm also procrastinating, because I still have a little homework to do. 5 metacognitive logs that I've put off long enough, so I'd better get started so I can get in bed by 10 or 11 tonight. I am way to tired in the mornin. I also have to think up something to bring to lunch tomorrow coz' we neva went out to get some stuff. I guess I'll bring some pineapple chunks. I never bring much, as long as I get some kind of juicy, liquidy thing to quench the dryness of my mouth and the flem gathering from the cold. Yuck, "TMI" (to much information) I suppose. OK, sue me. But anyhooo, I gottsta go, I'll talk to ya later, gotta do homework and get in an hour of TV that I haven't watched all weekend. But I really don't need it, but I'm curious about Extreme Makeover home edition. So see ya!

Discovering Art

Discovering art... if you could call it that. Eh, course ya could! It's mine. Okay I know the pics are sorta funny and I didn't crop or fancy it up, but it shows it anyways. I have a expanding wallet full of art now so I'll be posting more later, if ya promise not ter "playsurize" (hehe). So here are the pictas:

This is a "Black Eyed Pea" -- obviously. I made a whole bunch of "original" Black eyed peas and then I personalized them. I think I have a: buisness man pea, asian gangster pea, flower power pea, cheerleader pea and more. If you want you can start requesting to show the peas, or request a personalized pea of your own, by commenting on this blog.

Moving right along, this is called mi&monkey. Once when me and a friend were chatting on "IM" we were playing around as usual, actin' silly, and I doodled this out. We were joking about a monkey typing for me, because her brother had been typing as her. Hahaha, it was funnier when it happened. Me and my friends are sorta mental sometime. I tell ya it's the tap water!! AnYhoooo, I'll post more art later, from my portfolio. I have lotsa stuff, for my friends and stuff. So I'll keep drawing and you keep coming. Talk to ya later!!