Putting it Simply

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Well it's snowing now. Well really it's ice. I wonder if we'll have an ice storm like before. Hmm, we'll have to see about that too. Well no other updates, see ya.


Hmmm, they're saying it's gonna snow today but it sure doesn't seem like it right now. Maybe, but it's a bit warmer than it was this mornin'. And the sky looks purty clear too. So we'll have to see how wrong they are this time. They're all pretty lousy at it all. Especially lately anyhow.

I had to get up early this morning, with mom. My Explore test was today. Pretty boring actually and hard. Mum said that it was an Eighth grade test and the kind they give you in PSAT's and SAT's too. It was strange, and each one (there were four: English, Reading, Math and Science) was about 30 minutes with a 15 minute break in the middle. The whole Explore thing is a part of TIP which is a gifted program for intellectually gifted kids in our state-- or area, I think. Anyways, I'm not sure how I did though I'm not so confident at the moment.

Anyhoo, me and mums just got some stuff to eat-- she had gone and done some shopping at Wal-mart while waiting-- and then got some stuff at the oriental supermarket, Costco and the grocery store. We then drove home where I found 2 sisters still in their beds one still asleep. Clone was a little bit more greedy than I would've hoped, and somehow took most of my mentos and was tight with the chicken, that I had saved for her. Oh well, not toooo long yet. Not so much here anyways. But I suppose I can go into detail about the week.

Thursday (I believe) was Clone's School events nite. She had us all dragged to the school for a meeting for parents about the Spanish classes that are going to be held after school some times. But it was pretty much worth it becaus it was also Chik-fil-a nite and we went to that since it's a fundraiser for the school too, and while we were there I got to see NKZ who was there for the Elementary school as well. Her stepdad is the Art teacher there. I also got to see her family including little (but growing) Asada and even smaller Zseycue (**say-coo** also growing quickly) who's name I'm not sure of spelling wise. We hadn't seen eachother in ages and are in separate schools. We got a chance to catch up over strawberry milkshakes. And whaddaya know!? our other friend EAA waltzes in. Rather flushed and looking like she'd been crying we found that she had a 1 and 1/2 hour soccer practice in the ice cold. By the time she had gotten there we were about to leave. So she got a few minutes with NKZ and left shortly after myself. But it sure was nice to see her again. When I got back to school the following day my school mate RM said that she too had been there that night among many old mates and peers as well as new faces I had seen at our new Middle school. I really enjoyed that we could hardly stop laughing.

I've been doing exceptionally well in school as well. Academically anyways, strait A's and I got mom and dad a second bumpersticker for this school year. Dad was pleased. I also got some papers from Social Studies back and found out I had been acing all of that too. I got a good stack of papers all checked with strait 100's and one 119 on a test I had had Monday. I memorized all except 2 of the European countries. And I added 6 or so to make up for 'em since she only expected at least 10 and listed spaces for 25, I ended up with 30 something. There was a small dent however of an 85 on one sheet because I misspelled and what not on a Junior Scholastic piece. Europe has been interesting lately and in addition to all that I've been trying to catch Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe specials on the travel channel. So my ambitions to go all over Europe has been strenghthened noticibly.

Alas it is my time to leave you all and I hope you enjoyed this post. I promise to pop in the next time I have a chance. Thankfully I've moved down all that christmas stuff a bit. And I've fixed my template. So it's about springtime now. And my birth day's around the bend. So I'll see ya later!!