Putting it Simply

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm a musical fool

I got tagged by my musical mama today, so here it goes....

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
15? Umm in mp3s anyways.

The CD you last bought?
Uh the 15 mp3's listed above, made into a CD. :)

What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
If you're not the one by Daniel Beddingfield It's hard to tell--there's soooo many!! And I haven't been to choosy lately either!

Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
1.) Where is the love by Black Eyed Peas
2.) Imagine by John Lennon
3.)If I Ain't got you by Alicia Keys
4.)I don't wanna be by Gavin DeGraw
5.)Tangled up in me by Skye Sweetnam
6.) Somewhere only we know by Keane. (Hahaha, Emmyjade stays within no boundaries!!)
These are just some I had off of the top of my head, my mind knows no bounds. (is that right?)

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

1.) Asi, because my mom told me to.
2.) Trisha
3.) den_em
(the last 2 because they're the only other girls I know on blogger and I wanna see what they say.)

And just like my music mama I'm goin to tag my auntie S too! Heehee.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More updates for now

Hey viewers, more updates at the moment. But I'm busy baking cookies and instant messaging with my friend NZK right now so I'll post more later.

**Guestbooks should be back on, and working
**Not sure if videos will actually make it to the site
**Have to take cookies out of the oven now. Bye!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


**Guestbooks down, replaced by email link.
**Check out Jade-n-mom Reviews for cool music video we have on the sidebar now. Coming soon to Putting it Simply.
**Have to watch "The Apprentice" now. Bye.


It's terrible weather here. The ice I talked about previously lasted for a few minutes and then diminished into a wet misty day.

Today is just as bad... maybe worse. It was soooo gray. And it's been so muddy lately too. So then it was raining today with ice and snow in the whole mix to. No kinds of accumulation though. Just nasty old, gray weather. That's all. I thought for some reason it had snowed this morning and we would get some kind of delay so I could sleep in. It was one dissapointment when dad came to wake us up. Although my mind had already been working but my eyes had still been intent on sleeping. Deep down so was I.

Anyways, I've been a bit busy lately and whenever I have free time I'm all tired.
Saturday I'm hoping on having a study session with EAA. It would be neat to have someone else over too but EAA and I haven't really talked like we used to, schools been consuming but she and her other friends have found a way to keep it all going. The hard working ones anyways. The others have plenty of time. But even the hard workers have time. They have time for sports too. I wish I had been involved in sports when I was little but I'm trying to now. I don't have nearly enough extra curriculars, as others or as many as I wish I had. Here's a list of some I want now and some I want when the time comes:

-SGA (student government association)
-Volleyball and/or tennis team for our school(also soccer. o wait and basketball :)
-Private karate lessons
-Pottery classes
-Some kind of journalism activity
-Cooking classes
-Classes in spanish and tagolog/ilokano(gosh I wish I had learned those from mom and people)
-More advanced classes and TIP(organization I'm in)

And more but that's all the basic stuff I want. Anyhoo, schools been nice, I like all the work we've been doing. Surprisingly I like doing it, I like seeing it all organized in my agenda book. I think I'm crazy. But I like doing work. I've been doing my Science Fair project. I really wanna get some kinda prize. That'll look nice on my resume. It has a fair chance if I do it right. It's the same one that one in the national fair in San Francisco. It's testing the antimicrobial capabilities of raw honey. Pretty interesting, I just hope I can get the experiment done correctly. I typed up my abstract just now. And after I'm done here I'm going to format a CD to put all my work on. I need to organize all my school stuff and get ALL of it on CD, so I can go in between the family computer and my laptop.
Oh yeah! speaking of laptops, dad told us that he's getting two new ones. Someone he knows can get 'em for us so that way Clone can get mine and then Asi and I can get the two new-but-used ones. I hope it's got alot of space on it. Clone puts a lot of her games on mine because we're trying to use the big one just for people's internet needs and such. But it'll be nice, because then they won't lie and say I didn't share with them and stuff. Anyways I'm gonna go. It was nice typing again. I'm still working on the template so you'll just have to wait a while.

-Waiting for spring!!
Yours Truly: Jade
P.S. Something new I'm trying. What do you think?