Putting it Simply

Saturday, April 30, 2005


Ahhhh... Sweet satisfaction. I feel all relaxed now. Mom let me buy some music with her credit card today, on Musicmatch. Here's what I got:

1.)Howie Day-Collide
2.)Jack Johnson- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
3.)Will Smith- Switch
4.)Usher- Caught Up
5.)Mariah Carey- It's like That
6.)5 for Fighting- Superman
7.)Blu Cantrell- Breathe (unfortunately not the one with Sean Paul, WAAA!)
8.)Lenny Kravitz- Lady
9.)Missteeq- Scandalous
10.)Jennifer Lopez- Get Right
11.)Keane- Somewhere only we Know
12.)Maroon 5- Sunday Morning
13.)Nelly Furtado- I'm Like A Bird

Yay! This is an awesome one. This is my second Mix CD. I can' t wait to get more. I'm gonna get more Nelly Furtado, Jason Myraz, Destiny's Child, Avril Lavigne etc. I forgot to get John Lennon's, Imagine. But then again, I told mom I'd only spend 12.87 on 13 songs. Oh well. I can always get it when I can buy my own. Maybe if I continue to save I can get some kind of mp3 player. But it's not vital, as long as I can get Read-only CD's to put them on. I'm okay. Anyhow, I'm going to continue listening and I'll see ya later!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A better Choice

Okay, I would title this Dreamy#3 but that would be redundant. And I don't think that would be as fitting as the one I chose. Because this is a BETTER CHOICE that's because it is more practical. And, useful. (Not to mention cheaper)
So here it is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wow what a beauty. It's called The Firefly. It's soo cool. I remember telling mom that I thought cell phones really weren't a great idea, for kids like my sisters and I. But I think this one is different. It's actually specified for kids 8-12. It only has 5 buttons on it. A speed dial to call mom and dad, a phone book (where PARENTS can store up to 20 numbers), and the "hello" and "goodbye" buttons. Parents use a special PIN to write certain numbers in the phone book. Those numbers are the only ones that can call or be called. It has cool animation, ringtones, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can also get colored shells to cover the phone. They carry it in green(limeade), pink(bubblegum), red(fire), and silver or translucent(x-ray). Any how I really think I want one of these. It's not extremely expensive to buy the phone but I'm not so sure about services. If I get one though SisAsi and Clone would want one. I guess it's only fair. So I guess this won't be happening anytime soon. But maybe if I work real hard Mom and Dad will let me! I think it would be good to have over the summer. And at school. I could help pay for the service if only mom and dad would let me baby sit. But I guess I could sell herbs and other stuff online and what not. But I'd save a good percent of it too. Gotta go now ttyl!

5/14/05 A Change of plans

Mom and I have been talking about this whole phone idea, and decided it wouldn't be a great idea considering she doesn't even have a cell phone. I saw this deal from SunCom on tv the other day, and it sounded pretty good. You get 1000 minutes on 2 phones and to buy 2 phones you only have to pay 29 dollars. Not bad. A lot better than the firefly which is 100 dollars for the phone but 20 dollars for service and I'm not sure how many minutes. So this would actually be the better choice and it has regular functions and the firefly only has telephone service. But like my mom said to me, if she had $60 to spare each month she'd have a cell phone. There are more important things we need to buy and who would I call anyway? hahaha. ttyl!

Pretty Teeth

Today we skipped school coz' we all had a dentist appointment. We are going to a new place now, and it's the best we've been to yet. The people are really nice. I got X-rays, an annual cleaning, a check-up and lastly some flouride. The dentists said that my teeth were perfectly strait and aligned and that I wouldn't need braces. But I have VERY thin enamel. Mom said it's hereditary, and all three of us have it. So my teeth are naturally yellow!! WAAAA!! I had talked to mom about it before, about how I wanted to bleach them, but she said no and to wait until I was older. Today, the dentists talked to me about it too. They said it would be wise to wait until I was at least 14 too. So they did the whole flouride thing, and then I waited with Clone in the "Play Room." She and Asi really enjoyed playing in there. My teeth are even more yellow from the flouride now! Sheesh. But I loooove my new dentists, we have to go back soon and Amara and Asi have to see an orthodontist. Maaha! I am so glad I don't need braces. Anyways. They said I had horrible tartar build up and plaque. So they gave me a new toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

Afterwards, mom took us to lunch since we really rushed it this morning. But then she wen't back to work. She's still there now. I feel like brushing my teeth or something, because of that stupid flouride. It's all gunky on my teeth. What does that stuff do anyways? I forgot. But I know it's supposed to be good for your teeth or something...hmm. Well I can't brush it off because I'm supposed to wait until tomorrow morning. Ah well. Mom said to just gargle so I think I'll do that now.

Ta Ta for now!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Oh my goodness!! Now I know what I'm REALLY saving up for. I did my research this time mummy!! It's worth it. Especially if we buy it on Amazon. The PSP is soo cool. I have enough saved to buy it and still have a resonable amount left over. I've decided and THIS is what I want. Although I'm not sure if I want this or my camera. EEEK!! How to decide!! Anyways as I try to work through this dilemma, here's the pic!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lazy, Hazy

Real date: 4/22/05

Ahhh...Hmmmm...what to type. That last post was one I did on "notepad" a while ago. I'm gonna be doing that from now on, coz' my computer is soooo messed up. We have no school today, it's a teacher workday. I'm sooo glad it's almost the end of the school year. We have 3 months of summer!!! Yaaaaayyy!! Usually it's only 2. But this time we get of May 25th and finally go back on August 25th!! Hooray!! But anyways, it's finally getting warmer around here. Actually it already is. And we recently fixed up the garden. WE planted stuff yesterday, and Mum, Dad, Asi and Clone did it today too. I however, remained inside all day. I fixed breakfast, folded and washed some clothes (not much though), put on some music, and entertained Clone somewhat. I also have done a lot of art, especially since Dad changed the Fish room into an Art room. I like this A LOT better!!

So now I'm on launch listening to music videos. But I think I want to go outside for a while and help with the garden. I've really been lounging around quite a bit. But I've cleaned up much of my space. We neeeed to get ready for the yard sale next week, If we're going. I'm not even sure if Sis-Asi has reserved a space. So we might just donate all of the stuff. Anyways, I don't know who would want all of our junk. Most of it is books. But if I have a chance I can try going through Clone's clothes, and she siad she wants to throw out some toys. So we'll just have to see. I had some NICE stuff to give to my mom's job's yard sale but we never went. So my nicely packed stuff that I spent all that time packing went to waste. I have no idea where it is now. But I don't think this one will be much better. I don't have as much stuff, but Asi is dragging me along too. Oh well. I wish we could go to the pool or something. I thought we'd go this weekend, in honor of her B-day, but I guess not. It's almost 1:00 pm now. But I'd better go now. See ya!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Better late than never

Whooo, I am finally back. I'm just relaxing and listening to my music. Surfing around. I can't believe I haven't posted in sooo long. I meant to do it on my birthday or something so I could tell ya what I did and stuff. But I think it's a little too late for me. So anyways, I need to delete some stuff on the sidebar, and replace sum stuff too. I think we're going to sum kind of apple festival today. My cousin's might be coming too. We saw them yesterday too. At their house though. Anyways, I need to do some homework soon, before we leave, or we have to get back early. So I'll have to cut this one a little short. Bleh, I feel like I haven't listened to ANY music lately. NOT a good thing. School has been a little hectic for me. I really want to get most of my stuff done quick so I can do other stuff but this proves to be not a great plan. It is taking up to much time. I wish I had my own place to do my homework that's more work and no play. Sort of anyways. Just a quiet place with just my music, laptop and other stuff. I need a desk. And more importantly a room!! It doesn't even have to be big, just enough room for a bed, desk and stuff. I can get rid of some of my stuff if I needed to. I really don't use most of my stuff anyways. Just my computer, books, and school supplies. I don't find use for little things that I keep in my drawers. I like spending time out side or working. Anyways, I'd better go get ready to go and finish some "stuff" for school and what not. I'd get my other junk on the computer done if I knew I had a lot of time. But it's almost the end of the year, and I wanna hurry it up. It's probably only about 2 more weeks before end term tests. So I'd better speed up all the reviewing and what not. I HATE TESTS!! But it's just something we've gotta do. I'd rather be spending my free time with my friends, doing whatever we do! HAHA. Gotsta go!! I could go on forever so I might as well quit while I'm ahead. BYE!!