Putting it Simply

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mission Accomplished

Ahhhh... can you feel the relaxation. My stomach feels nicely relaxed and my brain is all loose and focused. I see how tense and nervous I am during the school year but I feel just fine now. And I'm just looking forward to our annual visit to California. It's gonna be so nice!! Auntie O just remodeled her kitchen and it's so pretty. I hope we can cook in there and I can cook for Grandma and Auntie S. I can't wait to show off and I can spend more time experimenting since I have no homework and school to worry about. Yes, there will be much to post about this summer. I want to try out horse back riding too. And play my bass clarinet. Yes that is right, I am pursuing my newest hurdle. (if that makes any sense. i don't quite understand it myself) I talked to my band teacher and once I learned more about it I decided it wouldn't be so bad. Also, the school issued me one of their instruments so I don't have to buy one. Boy it sure is big!! I can't wait to get some reeds and a mouthpiece. Then I can start playing. Turns out it's the same fingerings and clef so it's just the omoture(is that spelled right?) I need to work on and some new notes. Also my band teacher said I can email her over the summer if I needed any help or any more sheet music to work on.

Yup, it's just blue skies from here baby. Oh yeah. We played hookie today so I got to stay home and sleep and just not think. It was nice. But now I'm getting "cabin fever" already!! I neeedd to go somewhere and do sumthing. But unfortunately mom's busy with intern week at her job and dad's busy fixin up the back yard. OOOooh I wish I had a camera so I could post pictures of the yard. Dad made a bridge, stream and some paved walkways with all the big rocks he's been getting. He's been doing some major digging too. Anyways, my hands are sweaty and stiff now so I'm gonna google some cheap places to get horseback riding lessons in California. Ta ta for now!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just a post

This is just another post. I promise! I have vowed to put all the wishlist stuff off for a while. I noticed (as well as mom) that my site is becoming a place where I just put all of my wants. Geez, that's definitely not what I want my site to be. I've just been busy with all the new gadgets and what not.

Anyhoo, we only have 8 more school days left. Plus weekends. I heard that our last day (Wed. 5/25) will be only a partial day. And we'll be dismissed around 12:00 or so. I'm so exicited!! I can't wait to get this week out of the way and be done with it all.

I got excepted to switch instruments in band, after trying out. I will be playing bass clarinet. But now I see I really don't want to!! I can hardly play high notes on my regular clarinet how am I supposed to do so on a bass!?? So I'm gonna talk to my teacher and then get my mom to write me a note, where we'll lie and say that the cost of the instrument is to high for us to purchase one. Coz' my mom doesn't want me to get one and then I don't stick with it. But I'm sorta scared of my Band teacher and she said earlier that there is no turning back after this. But I'm gonna have to learn all that we did in 3 months that I did in 10 months if I go through with this so there is no way that I can do it. I don't have the ambition to learn to play this instrument like Sis Asi did with her flute. Truthfully I want to drop out of band, and maybe learn other instruments on the side. Like the piano and guitar (my 2 true loves) so I might tell my teacher I want to do that. But I feel bad becoz my mom bought my clarinet for me already. So I'll probably stick with that on the side too. My only fear is that if I drop out of band I won't have any extra curriculars to my name and I end up having the shortest resume ever!! I'm so confused and scared. All I wannna do is curl up and go to sleep. ahhh. that felt good. I could right all day so I better get off now and do some homework. see ya!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Growing Wishlist

Wow I never thought I would have such a big wishlist!! Or one that grows so fast. I really don't expect to get all this stuff. Just to start saving to buy some of it or better versions of it. Truthfully none of the things on my wishlist are important and many of them are all having to do with the same thing and/or built around eachother. So here's the next thing I've decided I want:

-Sony VAIO FS195XP laptop
w/mobile intel centrino processor PM740-1.73 GHZ 100GB 512MB 15.4DVD +-RW WXPP+FREE CARRY CASE!!

Not that I know what most of that stuff means, all I know is that it's reasonably cheap, has a DVD player and wireless internet access. And it's verrry pretty!! hehe.

Mom sorta looked on the internet for some internet thingys we can put on my current laptop. So that way I can have it over the summer. Although seeing as it is dial-up I'm not quite sure I want it. We'd be at grandma's house and I'd have to plug in to her phone jack thingy. Then she wouldn't be able to get phone calls and what not. So that wouldn't really work. I thought about verizon's broadband wireless that's nationwide, but when I asked mom how much the TWC would cost us first, she said $0.00, so I just dropped that whole idea. So I guess, for the concept of internet access I'll have to just wait my turn to do it at Auntie O's or Auntie S's.

So that's pretty much all for now. See ya!!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Painters hands

I finally washed all the paint and ink from my hands. I've been working on a new painting that I started yesterday. It's of a horse gallopping through a small puddle-like stream. It's actually almost done already!! I just have do do the ground and finishing touches. I think it's quite pretty. Don't you?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes I am verrryy pleased with this one. I'm going to be very sad when parting with it. But maybe we can make prints like dad does with his. I'm giving the original to my friend Eire. It is her birthday on the 24th and she loooovvves horses. So since she really went wild when decorating my locker I want to make her lots of things for hers. I also made her a mix CD. Mom and I are going to make a cover for it too (With a horse I might add). It's gonna be cool. I'm gonna make her a poster, cards, buy a good book for the summer (since her birthday is the day right before school lets out) and other stuff.

I'm gonna go now and start planning out things for her locker and stuff for this summer in L.A. See ya!!