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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Catching Up...

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Hey everyone! This post will be just for catching up. The previous post was just on a whim. Since Josie and I were looking at pics I decided to post. I guess I'll start with Disneyland-2 weeks ago I believe. It was okay. Not as fun as I remember since we stayed in one area most of the time (consisting around the Cinderella castle) and we're older now so the slow rides don't seem as fast and as big. I really wish we could've gone to toontown with my 2 little cousins. I have the best memories around there, and of playing in Minnie's house, etc. I also missed out on some rides with my family when I waited an hour to get on Space Mountain with my sister, Manong+Wonderful Girlfriend Maria. Maria and I didn't feel like waiting any longer, when a disney worker came out to tell us the wait would be extended 20 more minutes, That would make our total wait over 2 hours. So the two of us left while SisAsi and Manong Philip stayed and waited a total of 3 or more hours. Maria and I laughed because, on our way to find the rest of the group we waited a total of 2 minutes to get on the matterhorn. One of my new favorites. I was disappointed when we found everyone because they all had short waits on 7 rides that I wanted to do with them, I would've taken anything to just standing around. All of them were a bit kiddy but classics and good memories. There was no wait because of a parade not too far away. So the whole thing is a bit of a story. But typical due to the popularity of Disneyland nowadays.

So that's pretty much all until yesterday. Except my mom finally got here a week ago. We were all happy to see her. So anyhow, about yesterday... My Grandma, Papa Joe, Aunt Sherry and Mom all left for Pala-Casino w/good seafood buffet. And left all 3 of us with our Lola. But I decided to go home with my Auntie O instead. On the way we went to "Tuesday Morning" to look around. At the front of the store they had some instruments. The main of them being guitars. All marked down to about 50 bucks. Auntie O let me get one!! Yay! I am sooooo happy, about that. So this year I can practice something other than the scarring clarinet, and add it to time done practicing on my practice journal! Yay! Finally some variety. I can't wait to get home so I can try it out. So that's my catching up for now.

I'll edit in some pics once we get to Auntie Sherry's tonight. TTYL!

Hot Summer Days

Lately we've just been hanging out around Grandmas house bearing with the heat. So the kiddies got creative with their pool and hose. So we all had a time watching them "frolick" and splash. Here's some pics.

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Even I got creative with the hose. And then they even decorated it with many of their inflatable hoops.

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So now Josie is enjoying looking at pictas with me. And giving me many kisses and simon says commands. So I think I should pay her more attention now. Bye!

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I sure am gonna miss you Josie!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Just showing Auntie O how ta post real quik.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

At Auntie O's

I'm at auntie O's again. Since the Harry Potter book is completed, I am looking for new things to do. It really stinks that she is ending the series with the second book. I hope she decides to do a prequel of his parents lives. Or maybe continue the series some day. There will never be a better book. Hopefully she wont, as Katie Couric (Today Show) said in their interview, "get hit by a bus" before completing all that she wishes to do with the series.

Anyhoo, I'm by myself in the computa' room. Auntie O and Angie are watching Baby Einsteins. Josie decided to stay with "Wawa" and "Asi" at Grandmas. I'll be going back to Auntie Sherry's tomorrow. That way I can go with her to pick up mom. But we'll just be going to Grandma's before anyways. Since Auntie is taking the day of Friday, we can just stay there. Maybe finish watching the last 2 Star Wars too. All plans are subject to change the last week or so here. IT seems like it's been such a short stay for our last trip to L.A. It will be ages before we come here again. Who knows when. I'll miss everyone. To bad those two will forget about us. They'll be shy like Clone when we see her. Auntie O thinks they'll be about Clone's age when we see them next (7). That sucks. But we definitely wont be back next summer. Coz' we're going to the Philipines we can't afford coming here too. Then I guess we'll be skipping a few years, or at least that's how I'm taking it. I wonder where we will be starting from when we go to the Philipines. Or if we are taking separate flights etc. It stinks that I wont have any good clothes to wear. Seeing as L.A. is where we get most of my clothes for the school year, along with other things. Oh well, we'll manage. Speaking of clothes, I need to get some pants before we leave, so far all I have are shirts. So when we go to the Alley with mom hopefully I can get some. Including some capris such as the ones I'm now wearing. And shorts. Anyhow, I must leave you now, Ta Ta!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Flower Festivals

This weekend has been filled with many festivals. On Saturday there was the Orchid Fair, which was nice since we got to go on a road trip and get a good lesson on steak and filet mignons in particular. Which was to never get filet mignon well cooked. To always get it medium to medium rare. And not to get the filet mignon at all and to go with a nice ribeye instead. Although I do like a prime rib now and then.

But anyhow, Sunday was a bit more eventful. We went to the Lotus Festival (Me, Clone, Auntie S & O, and 2 toddlers). It's a celebration that occurs every year, when the lotus flowers bloom, in honor of the Asian culture. There were quite a few Filipino attractions too. Nery's food booth, the Filipino tribal dances, and Flip Gear, which is the different Filipino clothing sporting their slogan: "Fine Looking Island People." We were also looking for the Downright Pinoy clothing booth but I guess they didn't come. So Auntie O said she might get me some on the internet. While we were there we had some boba (taro/ube for me!), bbq sticks (from Nery's of course), fresh Dangos (which I'm snacking on now), and some shave ice on our way out. Two of those, one with Orange and Passion Fruit, and another with Raspberry and PinkLemonade- *Yum!

That was fun, we stayed for a few hours, and then went to Full House for a rushed dinner. That was because the 2 babies were with us, and Ange was getting a bit cranky. So my favorite place to have dinner wasn't my favorite place to have dinner, but it was an experience.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Post #2

Hmmm, I'm still not ready to go to sleep but I will in just a sec. I just wanted to post some more because there's lots to say I just don't have the energy.

Hey did ya know that my Grandma is planning to take me with her when she goes to the Philipines? We are going to the island of Luzon. That means we'll be in Manila. Then we'll have to take a bus, to her home town. It's gonna be fun. It should be in the fall (U.S.) so I can't remember if that means hot or cool in Philipines. I'm soooo excited. I wonder if Asi is gonna be able to come. She's still deciding if she even wants to go I think. And considering other issues I'm not sure if she can. I think our middle school will allow it, but I'm gonna have to do a ton of work to make up for all I've missed. I don't know if I could handle that. That's the only part I'm having trouble with, the school work etc. I'll miss. It's just that I'm so concentrated. I wish Mom or one of my Aunties could come too. I can't wait to see everything. I'm trying to learn a lot of Tagalog this summer too. Then I can communicate efficiently too. I really want to speak Tagalog or Ilokano just so I can. And so I can talk to people using it. Even if they can speak english. Even when I'm here. Well I'm sleepy now so I guess I'll tell the rest and add on to posts tomorrow if I have time. TTYL!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! Today is U.S. Independence day.

Today was really fun and a little crazy. It all started with me waking up at 3 in the morning because I was itchy from sleeping on the floor and my allergies were acting up so bad I couldn't breathe. I went to go get some Vicks from my bag in Auntie Sherry's room and ended up falling asleep with her and Clone coz' I was so tired. I woke up at 7:30 by my allergies once again but ignored them and slept once again. I got up finally at 11. Only auntie was awake. I ate a little bit throughout the morning and we all finally left. We went to Albertsons to get some paper plates, ice, milk, salad mix, dressing and other things, not on the list.

So at last we arrived at Grandma's at 3 or so. Mngs. Val, Philip and Jason were there with, Mng. Philip's girlfriend Maria, Josie, Angie, Auntie Op, Lola, and Grandma. (Jordan & Auntie Joy arrived soon after) Josie and Angie were playing in the kiddie blowup pools Auntie Op brought over. A few minutes after we had gotten there, and finished helping grandma, I saw a beautiful blonde dog on the porch. He was the biggest sweetie you had ever seen!! I'm not sure if it's a girl or boy. It's name is Sundance and he/she just came up outta no where and relaxed on our porch. So nice. We finally returned him to the house on his collar (myself and Jordan, later followed by Asi, James&friends). We put him on their porch and left. Later to discover he had slipped out once again.

We played for quite a while, hardly eating at all, although there was QUITE a selection. Then finally it was time for fire works. We had a good time setting them off and watching others from (literally) every direction! There were lots of illegal ones too, not at our house of course but at many others. So now I'm at Auntie Op's laughing at all the stuff we did today. :)

**I'll post pics soon!!