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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Lazy Day

Just another day where we sat around the house doing mostly nothing. I went to Pizza Hut with dad and Amara to pick up a couple of pizzas. Tomorrow we plan on going to the mall with a friend of mine to see a movie and hang out. That's all for now it's pretty late. So I'll talk to ya later!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Jade Babysits

Well it's finally here. My babysitting website and email. Everyone in my area (Durham,NC) can go to that site, or email me to set up a meeting, learn about my services and check and confirm their appointments. I hope that I get a few jobs this year. But when I turn 13 I can finally join one of those big babysitting servers and set up my info on there. But for now this will do. Spread the word!!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Ok we just got back from Chai's after a long wait at the Automotive-fix-up place. We had the boba but I definitely like the Green tea better than their ube. Ube is one of my favorites but it was toooo sweet, but at least they give you a lot of boba. I hope we can go there again sometime. Annny how, I didn't pick up the check (48 bucks!!!) I really didn't think I would in the first place but at least I got mum a nice b'day present. (One Pot cookbook ;) )

Boba! Boba! Boba!

Hey I finally get to have boba here in NC!! I told you how I searched and searched for a place in NC in LA. Then I found this place called Chai's. It's an Asian noodle bar and bistro, and they serve Bubble TEA!! We're going today after we fix the tires on the car. Yippee!!

It's going to be for Mommas Birthday. I guess I will (and Asi better help too!!) pick up the check. But it won't be to much! We are only getting Boba understand? And maybe some dumplings. I sure do hope it's not crowded with annoying college students.

So Happy Birthday Jmomma!! Luv you much!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Back To School

Ahhhh... you really know that school is upon you when it's time to start shopping for supplies on the tax free weekend. WalMart is promised to be packed. Super-saver-moms are going to be at it. Stuffing their carts with discount supplies. WalMart and BigLots are great places to buy. Those and Target are my favorite stores. Anything with a discount. I am hoping to find a perfect desk today. And I am definitely going to place an order on this 256 MB mp3 player I found on WalMart's website(Rave-MP 256 MB Sport MP3 Player). It's only $49.98. YAY!!! Then hopefully we will go to Big Lots soon because they have cheap furniture and I need a nice floor shelf unit. Then walmart has nice furniture for cheap too. I really need a divider too, it will be good when we have company so I can block off the main walkway but funds are cheap and even places like Walmart can get expensiver for someone like me with no income. I only have a budget of $100. That's from the money I recieved as gifts this summer. Mom will be getting our school supplies and I'll get other things I need just for me. And some additional supplies. So I'm gonna stop now. See ya!!

Black Eyed Peas' Newest CD, Monkey Buisness in stores now. $10 at WalMart.

Op Blogs Too!!!

Howdy doo! I'd like to let you know about my Auntie OP's exclusive new blog. So check it out!!!

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Back in NC

Hey everyone! I'm finally back in L.A. I can't believe our summer in California is over already. ahhhhhh. It stinks that we will be going back to school soon. I miss Josie and Angie and everyone else in California. I really hope Grandma comes over at Christmas time. Today Mngs. May and Darius came over. Along with Auntie Iling and their kiddies. They were both such precious little ones. And so quiet for babies!! Since they bought a place not far from us I hope we get to see them often. I hate not having a cute little baby around. So anyhow, it's nice to be back, but I wish summer could extend forever. So anyhow, talk to you soon!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chinatown Pics

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Chinatown-Take 2

Yesterday we went to Chinatown. Auntie O, Babies, Papa Joe and I all went ahead of our entire group to do some shopping and what not in old chinatown. A small square with a handful of shops and an open area where the tots enjoyed playing with their poppers (3 for a dollar). I shopped a little while they did so. But I'm not much of a "shopper" and luckily the shops were pretty small. I enjoyed myself though and picked up some cute knick-knacks. They even had strings of lanterns that had four, all for a dollar. So I got three, I got some other things as well and managed to stay under $20. Then we tried another restaurant near there, instead of Full House. It was called Plum Tree or something like that. Not much authentic chinese food and it wasn't as good as Full House. We could all choose a small favorite (mom's was the walnuts under the crispy shrimp. hehehehehe.). I liked it, and I enjoyed my time there yesterday. Anyhow, sorry I can't make this post to long, I'd like to spend more time with family before we leave on Thursday.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Yummy Experiments

My endless search for boba shops in NC is a complete bust. I did find a place called Lime&Basil. But it's not exactly what I was looking for, because the boba was a dessert option. And it said reservations were hard to come by. So I decided to just make my own. When we get back to NC. Along with some Hot Taho. I found a helpful site that even offers powders etc. that you can buy to make your drinks but I think I might like the fresh ones better. I might ask mom if we can get the taro though. (Taro and Pineapple are my two favorites) I can't wait to do all this stuff once we return to NC!!!

I wish we could open our own Boba place in NC!! That would be cool. Someday maybe I'll open my own Boba place.