Putting it Simply

Saturday, December 10, 2005

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Hey ppl. Sorry I haven't been keepin up the posts lately, just haven't been in the mood. Yesterday was da school dance and it was okay, not as fun as the last one because my friends wouldn't dance like before. So that sorta got me annoyed, and things were getting to dramatic, but that's middle school I guess. But otherwise it was pretty good. Mom and Dad let me carpool home with my friends Colleen and Eire, it was funny because as we were leaving BMS we were dancing and talking like crazy and decided we would wave at random people behind us so we turn around and wave and realize its our friend Domingo from school and his dad, so we are acting weird waving and stuff and he and his dad just wave back, like, "don't make any sudden movements" or something so it was funny. And right before we had all just gotten in the car, we were joking with him, sayin "Davis is your boo!" or "Hi Domingo's daddy!" all of this was Colleen by the way. So it was fun.

And we went to Colleen's house and straightened my hair and what not so that was kool, then we went to the dance, and mom picked me up.

Asi is taking the ACT test right now and I dont know where mom is, she might be picking her up or something, I just had a Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit that mom left me and...whoops they're home now! Okay talk to ya later coz they have groceries now. bye!