Putting it Simply

Friday, January 27, 2006


I love that song! one wish-ray j. itz cool I have it on my myspace. I <3 myspace!

[feeling this: cheery]
[planz: sleep, call friends, think]
[listening to: In my Head by No Doubt]

Hey guyz, today was kool. My bass clarinet still isn't back from the shop! It's been like 2 weeks now. I have biotech as a new elective and it's AWESOME! I love the stuff we talk about, and how we have our notebooks. Mr. C is a cool teacher. I have to go to my friend Zack's birthday party tomorrow all my amigas r gonna b there. It'll b fun but I can't think of what to give him 4 his b'day boyz r hard to buy 4. Any suggestions??? idk. But anyways. I'll talk to ya laterzz!


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