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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Laundry Day

[feeling this: cabin feverish]
[planz: sleep, call friends, go to the store]
[listening to: Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas]

Hey ya'll. Well today we are just hanging out here at home doing chores. Laundry, bedding, I cleaned out my filing cabinet and drawers. I need to go work on my clothing drawers and stuff soon. I just had a late breakfast sandwich. It was yummy (easyover egg, tomato, bell peppers, red onion on toasted honey wheat bread :D) Well this week was a LONG one, it seems like it's been 2 weeks instead of just one, I'm so glad we don't have school tomorrow(teachers workday). I dropped outta track coz I suck, and I didn't like it, the people, etc. Plus practices were until 5 and I was feeling rushed, tired, and I wasn't doing my hw. :(
But anyways, Fri. was cool. Eire made the soccer team so she came over and we went 2 the mall. They opened an Aeropastale, I'm glad coz now I can go there instead of the one in SP which is...well I don't fit in with the crowd there. Anyhoo, I'm not going to make this post horribly long so, au revoir!


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